Here's what you will receive:

1. Coaching From One of The Kingdom's Premier


Speaking/Business Coach

You have the opportunity to sit and glean from Monica's coaching at our weekly conference. Her mogul method of teaching and coaching will provide you with the skills necessary to crush the world's stage. Monica also hosts a University-wide monthly zoom call, where she instructs on one area of the speaking business. This monthly call will also provide time for questions and answers.

2. Weekly Speaking Opportunities

Imagine speaking at one of our virtual empowerment conferences EVERY week. That's right we have conferences every week, as well as throughout the year. These conferences are both virtual, and in person: nationally and internationally. You can also sell your products and services at these events. So you see, PMU is not just information, but it's mentorship that allows you to display what you've learned, while gaining notoriety and exposure. 

3. Access to Online Classes

PM University gives you access to tons of online classes. Our short impactful classes are based on our belief that short spurts of high-quality content, (that is easily digestible) will catapult you into rapid fulfilment. Classes are taught primarily through video and audio files and are available 24 hours a day.

4. Monthly Speaking Labs taught by our In-house Speaking Development Coach. 

Our speaker development coach provides helpful tips, support, and hosts a monthly zoom speaker lab to assist and work on various areas of speaker development


How do I sign up for a speaking opportunity?
Each opportunity has its own criteria that are explained and outlined in our private Facebook group

What are the benefits of joining PMU?
- Up close mentorship in speaking and business. We believe that more is caught than taught.

- Opportunities to speak across the globe. You will learn not just the art of speaking, but be given opportunity and experiences to practice them.

-You will learn trade secrets by being up close and personal; like how to put on amazing conferences, how to fill a room, how to produce products and much more.

-  Help getting your products and services in the hands of new people. 

- And so much more!

How do I get paid?
This is a coaching program, so yes there is an investment on your part. However our speakers make money by selling their products, don't worry if you don't have any, many of our speakers didn't when they first started.  We have specific classes showing you how to do just that. 

You also benefit from meeting people,  potential new clients, and getting booked by people that hear you at our events. Lastly, you blow up in your local area. People who once ignored you, when they see your movement, all of a sudden will want to book you. Trust me it works!

Is it just for women?
Absolutely not,  we have several men who are a vital part of our school. 

Sign up today and be known to the world tomorrow.




$99 Monthly

*By enrolling in PMU you agree that NONE of the information will be shared or duplicated. The information is solely used for your growth and development. While you will learn many strategies to infuse with your ministry or business, it is not intended for you to use in publications, marketing materials, conferences, and seminars etc without PMU's permission.